Mixed Use Tower, Bangalore

Site Area: 1.5 Acres
Built Up Area: 2,00,000 sq feet
Project Team-  Anand Kurudi,  Kajal Gupta                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Status – DPR Proposal to the Karnataka PWD

The building contains G+2 floors of retail space with 9 floors of office space above. The 2 functions are separated and linked by the third floor which contains a food court.  There are clearly demarcated entry points for the retail and office spaces so that they function with least disturbance.                                                                                                                                                                               The building has immense potential to become an icon for the city due to its scale and prominent location. As such, the design intent is that it should be state of the art, sustainable facility while also connecting and belonging to the city of Bengaluru. The image of ‘Garden City’ is reflected in the building with abundant greens and landscaped terraces which perform a dual function of providing break out areas and also provide shade for the building. We also propose the use of naturally occurring materials like black granite and sadarahalli stone to further root the building to its place. The design is a direct response to the climate, orientation and 3 different functions.                                                                                                                                                     With an aim to make the building environment friendly, we ensure that all west and east facing glass is shielded with the use of wooden louvers. For the retail floors, since we need frontage, we propose the use of double glazing so that heat ingress is reduced and air conditioning loads are minimized. Performance glass, with insulating properties is also recommended.                                                                     Also, the terraces and landscaped areas provide natural shelter from the east and west sides along with the lift lobby and staircase zones which shield the internal working areas.