Club House @ Mysore

Site Area- 870 sq m

Built Up Area- 1506 sq m

Status – Proposal

Project Team – Anand Kurudi, Kajal Gupta, Ashwin Jacob

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Awards –

1- Shortlisted for (AICA) Artists in Concrete Awards Asia 2015

The brief was a varied one, with functions ranging from a supermarket and a banquet hall to a gymnasium, coffee shop and a swimming pool.
The design resolved itself into two blocks separated by an open to sky court and linked by a staircase /lift core. The intent was that each of these varied activities could occur without affecting the other zones.
The intent was to create a building that is welcoming in its porosity and one that has a public scale, despite its modest size. The large over hanging exposed concrete roof creates a public plaza at the entry, encouraging visitors to use the facilities within.
Climatically, the building is appropriate to it’s context with emphasis on cross ventilation and sheltered open spaces.
The opening which face east and west have a perforated clay block jalli to mitigate the harsh sunlight while still allowing for air movement.